Transfer by Agreement Jobactive

Transfer by Agreement JobActive: What it Means for Job Seekers

Australia has a robust job market, and the government provides numerous services to help job seekers find work. JobActive is one such service, which provides personalized support to job seekers through a network of job coaches, employers, and community organizations. However, what happens when a job seeker wants to switch their JobActive provider? This is where Transfer by Agreement (TbA) comes in.

What is Transfer by Agreement?

Transfer by Agreement is a process that allows JobActive providers to transfer job seekers from one provider to another with the job seeker`s consent. A job seeker may choose to transfer if they are not satisfied with their current provider`s services or if they move to a new area. TbA is also an option when a provider is unable to provide the specialized support a job seeker requires, such as language or disability support.

What are the Benefits of Transfer by Agreement?

Transfer by Agreement provides job seekers with more options and flexibility in finding employment. JobActive providers differ in their specializations, such as support for Indigenous job seekers, mature-age job seekers, or those with disabilities. By transferring to a provider with suitable expertise, job seekers can receive more personalized support, leading to better job outcomes.

TbA also enables job seekers to switch providers if they move to a new area. This is especially important for those who require localized support to find work, such as connecting with community employers or accessing transport solutions. Transferring to a new provider in their new location ensures that job seekers continue to receive tailored support in their job search.

How does Transfer by Agreement Work?

To transfer to a new JobActive provider, job seekers must contact their current provider and request a transfer. The current provider will then refer them to a new provider, and the two providers will arrange the transfer through the TbA process. The job seeker must give their consent throughout the transfer process, and they can choose which provider they want to transfer to.

Transferring to a new provider does not affect job seekers` eligibility for employment services, and they can continue to access the same services and support from the new provider. JobActive providers` performance is monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure that they provide high-quality services to job seekers.


Transfer by Agreement is an essential option for job seekers who want to switch their JobActive provider to receive more personalized support in their job search. Job seekers can transfer to a new provider if they are not satisfied with their current provider`s services, if they move to a new area, or if they require specialized support. By transferring to a suitable provider, job seekers can increase their chances of finding employment and accessing tailored support in their job search. If you are a JobActive job seeker, consider Transfer by Agreement as an option to find the right support for your job search needs.